Tips To Keep Your Human Hair Headband Wig Firm

Tips To Keep Your Human Hair Headband Wig Firm

Most people have jumped onto the headband wig and prefer it to lace wigs. It can also be called a half wig since it doesn't cover the whole head. It lacks the typical front lace that mimics the natural hairline. Therefore, it has an attached headband in place of the lace. This wig is great for anyone new to the wig life. Also, those who don't want to deal with plucking or cutting can use this as an alternative. Since you don't glue the human hair headband wig down, here are ways to keep it firm.

How to keep your wig secured

It's important to keep your wig in place to prevent it from falling off. There are several ways to hold down your human hair headband wig. They are;

1. Securing the human hair headband wig with an extra band

Typically, the wig comes with a band attached to it. The band provides already provides support. However, adding another one secures it further. Most headband wigs come with a plain band. Also, you can't keep wearing the same headband every day, even when colored. This is where the extra one comes in. You can add a band of your choice on top of the original one for some splash of color. You can wear the same wig daily but with different pattern bands.

2. Use clips to hold the human hair headband wig

All wigs come with features to connect them to your natural hair. They include clips, combs, and elastic bands. The headband wig is meant to have a snuggly fit. Add clips or pins via the cap to hold on to your hair if it feels loose. The wig may already have clips or combs on the sides. Nevertheless, just add ones for maximum support.

3. Keep your natural hair flat

Your natural hair must be flat when wearing any wig. Failure to keep it that way makes the wig look raised and bumpy. When wearing headband wigs, slip on the band first, then pull the rest of it. It's impossible to do this with an unbalanced head, so the wig may fall off. Ensure you sleek the hair back and hold with pick or band. Alternatively, you can have small cornrows done, making your hair look neat and flat.

4. Keep your edges laid

This is a common practice with lace wigs. However, in this case, you have to lay your natural edges. A smooth edge makes it easier for the wig to slide off. Style the edges using glue and leave them to dry. Later wear the wig and move confidently. The rough surface acts as a barrier; hence the headband wig stays in place.

5. Fix a band on your human hair headband wig

This is necessary only for wigs with no headband. Some ‘headband’ wigs lack the band, so they can quickly come off. Stitch any elastic band around the wig for security purposes.

Summing up

Wigs with bands take up half the time needed to wear a lace wig. They save on time and money and can last longer if well maintained. Since they don’t come all the way to the front, secure them for extra support. Use the methods above and any other as long as the wig doesn’t fall. Ensure the band is snuggly but not tight to cause discomfort.